Joseph C. Newtz began his financial services career in 1988. He works with a select group of individuals, families, professionals and business owners during the accumulation and distribution phases of their financial life. He offers a bold, no-nonsense approach to money management and offers up simple, actionable techniques that anyone can use to be successful. “I’ve been doing this kind of work long enough to see every side of the financial spectrum. When I explain to clients about how something works, I am describing actual situations that I’ve personally been through or helped other clients with.”

In his new book, MoneyRx: Your Prescription for Financial Success, Joe breaks down complicated financial topics into simple, actionable, and manageable concepts anyone can use and put into practice.

Joe is a leader in the financial services industry who is on a personal mission to help millions of “Middle-class Americans” dramatically improve their financial well-being. He was previously the featured columnist for and also posts a weekly blog at Joe is a featured speaker for the Personal Finance Speakers Association (