How to Develop a Dynamic Marketing System

Instead of implementing random acts of marketing and getting erratic results, with people who are usually unqualified to buy, you must have:

Reliable, Predictable, Consistent SYSTEMS That Affordably and Efficiently Provide Abundant Quantities of Quality Prospects, Customers and Clients.

By definition, a system is an organized, reliable and consistent process that delivers consistent and predictable results. This means you know in advance what the results of your marketing activities will be with a high degree of probability.

Your marketing system should be:

Affordable:  your marketing systems must deliver profitable results. You have to know what a customer is worth to you, and then decide what you are reasonably willing to invest to acquire one, and then build systems that work within that limit.

Efficient:  your systems must be “targeted” to reach only those people most likely to buy. The more of the work that leads up to selling and developing a customer/client you can put on auto-pilot and have done for you by media (letters, web sites, etc.), the more of your time gets invested only in the highest value functions, so you make more money from less time.

Quantity/Quality:  by improving the “quality” of both the prospects selected and reached and the communication with them, you can change those numbers for the better…again, getting more from less.

Key elements of a Dynamic Marketing System

1: A selected group of prospects

2: Appropriate media for best reaching those prospects.

3: A compelling message of strong interest to your chosen prospects.

4: An “irresistible offer.”

5: A means of response and “capture”.

6: Multi-step, short term follow-up.

7: “Maintenance follow-up” of unconverted leads.

8: Maintenance follow-up for present customers.

You may be too quickly tempted to think that this sounds too complicated or like too much work or not well suited to your business. But this is the path to marketing success and it can transform a business from erratic results, endlessly repetitive cold prospecting and wasteful advertising to a business that runs on a reliable system.

This is the system is what I call Dynamic Marketing.

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